Antique Engagement Rings: Pre 1950 Era

Different Eras Boast Unique Types of Antique Engagement Rings

For anyone planning on getting engaged, a good option is to buy an antique engagement ring which is often cheaper and has an inherent charm and uniqueness to it. It is also better crafted and can possibly be even made into heirlooms for the family. When one thinks about the antique engagement ring one should go back 50 years or more because rings that are less than 50 years old are known as estate rings. This means that rings that were made prior to 1950 would qualify to be known as antique engagement rings and jewelers may often refer to these rings as “vintage engagement rings,” though some even use the catch-all term, old ring.

Different eras in time have had unique antique engagement rings and some of these are the Victorian antique engagement rings, which were in use from1835 till 1900, Edwardian Engagement Rings from 1900 to 1920, and the Art Deco Engagement Rings from 1920 till 1930. Victorian antique engagement rings were very often made out of yellow or rose gold and were either simply or intricately designed. Edwardian Engagement Rings were the product of the newly invented oxyacetylene torch and platinum was the most common precious metal for these rings. The Art Deco Engagement Rings were the result of machinery manufacturing and often reflected this era through their streamlined geometric looks.

When buying an antique engagement ring one needs to keep in mind certain things such as diamonds have now become the most popular choice for people, though this was not always the case. One needs to inspect the ring for its quality of craftsmanship and for budget buyers, they need to look for rings made during 1930 till 1940 and should also remember that today’s standards may be different to those of years gone by and tastes and fashions have changed with what were once considered suitable, are now being discarded for others.

Also, when purchasing the antique engagement ring one needs to look with a great deal of care at the description of the particular piece which should include size, age, condition, color, carat, clarity, and cut, and one should get this description in writing. It would also be ideal if a certified gemologist were to report these findings. Other things to bear in mind when purchasing an antique engagement ring is to always have all your questions answered to your satisfaction. It needs to also be ascertained as to what are the terms and conditions and know the return policies, in case one become dissatisfied with his or her purchase at a later time.

There are many places that sell antique engagement rings and these include antique stores, jewelers, estate sales, pawn shops as well as online sites. For the novice buyer it is best to stick to antique jewelers as well as antique jewelry specialists for getting better guidance regarding the purchase and it needs to be stressed that one should always buy from reputed sellers only.


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