Aquamarine Engagement Ring - A Wonderful Choice

There is a wonderful legend behind the lovely stone we all know by the name of aquamarine. They say that this stone has the power to keep a loved one safe at sea. Astrologically, this stone is supposed to pacify warring couples and get the marriage on a smooth footing. It also has a number of medical properties, and people who practice alternative medicine, say that the aquamarine can cure insomnia, headaches, acidity and a lot of other ailments. Generally speaking, it is the sign representing hope, health and fidelity.

Presenting Your Girlfriend - Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Once you make up your mind on the aquamarine, go right out and find a great looking aquamarine engagement ring and get going with the engagement. Do not procrastinate. More than 60 percent of men have everything settled to the last detail, but they do not have the courage to go get the engagement ring and give it her.

The best aquamarine engagement ring would have high clarity as there should not be any impurity in it. The color too should be uniform and deep. It is good to note here that the larger stones are dark while the smaller stones will be of a lighter shade. The most prized aquamarine stones will be dark blue – pure blue – and these are the stones that have been said to protect from drowning if worn as a talisman.

When you decide to buy your aquamarine engagement ring you may like to try out combinations with other precious and semi-precious stones, including diamonds. Actually, the aquamarine stone looks better if it is surrounded by other highlighting stones. Alternatively, it could be a large solitaire, perfectly set in gold, or silver. This stone actually looks good when set with step facets which can showcase the clarity and the beauty of the stone.

Whatever you do, ensure that you know what to say when you propose. Be straight forward and do not hesitate. The worst that she can do is to say ‘NO” and if you’re wanting to marry her, chances are she wants to marry you too.

The aquamarine engagement ring is a wonderful choice for an engagement ring; not only because of its beauty and value, but also for the legends that are marvelous think pieces to go along with every time the ring is looked at. Honestly, it’s not a bad conversation piece either, so aside from the beauty there are definitely other reasons to choose this type of ring.

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