A Custom Engagement Ring is One that is Made to Order

Engagement rings are stunning in themselves and finding the best one may involve a good deal of searching as it is often hard to know where to begin the quest of finding the perfect engagement ring. In the search for the perfect one, people often ask the jeweler to make custom engagement rings that need to conform to their needs and are not duplicated for the mass market. However, many people buy engagement rings off the market and get an engraver to enhance or add details to the engagement ring to create a custom engagement ring, from the traditional base.

It is also possible to build the engagement ring from scratch, though before engaging the jeweler in creating a custom engagement ring, the buyer should study the basics of different metals as well as study their settings and diamond quality, which should necessarily include cut, carat, clarity and color in order to get familiar with the qualities of diamonds in order to accentuate the stone. There are many different methods that can be applied to make a custom engagement ring and these include anything from simple substitutions to full-scale individual designs that will enhance the person’s individual personality.

Must conform to the Buyer’s Design Requirements

The process of creating a custom engagement ring can be difficult as well as time consuming, even though there are many processes to choose from. In any case, one needs to find a jeweler who is suitable enough to make the engagement ring, and in addition, one must know the cost, timing and documentation concerns with regard to making the custom engagement ring.

Not every jeweler can make a custom engagement ring and places like chain stores are only capable of doing minor changes. Designer stores and independent jewelers would be a better place to try. Whatever jeweler one chooses, it is necessary to see a sample of their work and verify their credentials before proceeding with creating a custom engagement ring.

The timing of how long it would take to make the custom engagement ring depends on the intricacy of design as well as how busy the jeweler is at that time and a custom engagement ring may take as much as a couple of weeks or even months, to complete. The cost of making the custom engagement ring is often more than for standard design engagement rings due to the fact that the jeweler has to hand craft each ring element, though compromising on these designs may help to lower the costs. At the time of purchasing the custom engagement ring, remember to get all the relevant documentation including gem authenticity certificates.

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