Design Your Own Engagement Ring for a Personal Touch

Everyone has different tastes and there are numerous options available; but some people still have trouble finding a ring to their liking. If you are one of those people, consider the option to design your own engagement ring. There are many rings you may like but the stone doesn’t meet your expectations. Being able to design your own engagement ring gives you the option of choosing the stone and the setting.

Many jewelers offer the option to choosing a setting, then selecting the stone you wish to have mounted. Some people will even have the ring itself designed exclusively for them before having a stone placed in it, which is a personal way to design your own engagement ring.

Others may have a ring with sentimental value attached and just want a new or replacement stone mounted. Most jewelers will accommodate this as you design your own engagement ring, provided the chosen stone will fit into the mount.

Expense Rises as Options Vary

If your budget is not a concern, you can design your own engagement ring by having the ring specially designed and the having the stone cut to fit your personal expectations. Remember, however, this is a very expensive process, especially if you are having a diamond cut to suit your tastes.

Should you choose to design your own engagement ring you may want to consider cubic zirconia or moissanite as an alternative to diamonds. This could lower the cost even though cubic zirconia is being thought of as a poor replacement for diamonds. Moissanite, however is closer to diamonds as far as strength and brilliance, but still falls short on clarity.

One thing to remember if you design your own engagement ring is the durability of the stone. Pearls and opals are rarely used in engagement rings due to their softness. Some women do not appreciate the brilliance of diamonds in a ring and then you design your own engagement ring you can choose sapphires, rubies or emeralds to add color.

The band itself should also be considered with some people shying away from white gold, believing it to be a cheap alternative. Actually, an 18 carat gold ring has the same weight of gold in it as does an 18 carat white gold band. The difference is in the alloy mixed with the gold. Gold rings may be 75 per cent gold mixed with copper and zinc, while white gold would be 75 per cent gold mixed with silver or palladium. Gold content remains the same, but the alloy is different.

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