Designer Engagement Ring – is it the Best Way to Say ‘I Love you?’

There is no better way to express your love to your girlfriend than getting a designer engagement ring for her. This is of course is going to cost you a bundle and some, but one exquisite ring can actually make it much easier for you to ask for her to accept your proposal of marriage.

Why does a Designer Engagement Ring Make it More Special?

Any gift in which a lot of thought has been put automatically becomes more precious than an ordinary gift, even if the cost is three times the value of the former one. This is because in the first instance it shows that the person cares so much that he or she took the trouble to find something that gives you the greatest possible pleasure. This also shows the other person’s commitment and love.

When you order that designer engagement ring, you are telling her that she is priceless to you and no amount of pain would really matter, as long as she is happy. The designer engagement ring says this loud and clear. Unless your girlfriend is gold digger and is whiling her time away with you waiting for Mr. Money Bags to arrive, there is a lower probability that she will refuse you. Any girl would melt at the sight of a designer engagement ring.

Do Not Trap a Girl with a Sob Story

If you have any type of problem at home, it does not always pay to carry your troubles on your sleeve. It is easy to impress a girl with a sob story. It is easier to impress a girl with a sob story and then proposing to her. Most likely she will say ‘Yes’ but one should not be too happy with such an affirmation, because it may be out of pity for you. This is why it would always be better to pop the question only when you would think that you really met that special person in your life with whom you want to spend the rest of your life as a full fledged partner.

The ring is a way to say how special that person is to you. Hence, take all the trouble you can and make that ring perfect for the occasion. This would be one of the most important milestones in your life. Make it memorable.

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