Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring: Creating A New Engagement Ring Tradition

Diamond rings as engagement rings has been done to death. Ask anyone who is married to show you their ring and you’ll likely be presented with a diamond ring. The bands may be made out of other materials, white gold or platinum or even silver in some cases, but the jewel is almost always a traditional diamond. This has been done and it’s not special anymore. It’s not special when you consider that everyone else who has ever proposed has given their bride to be a diamond. Don’t be like everyone else. For your proposal, to convey your undying love, give your bride to be a diamond and sapphire engagement ring. It’s unique, it looks great and it’s sure to catch all of her friends’ attention, something she wants very badly.

She Won’t Be Able To Wait To Tell Her Friends And Show Off Her New Ring

When a man proposes to a woman and slips the engagement ring on her finger, she more than likely can’t wait to tell her friends all about it. With a diamond and sapphire engagement ring, she’ll be especially pleased and won’t be able to resist showing it off. That’s because it’s not like anything anyone’s seen before. A diamond and sapphire engagement ring stands out. It makes people take notice and it sends a message to your bride to be that she’s unique and that she’s so special that you went out and got a diamond and sapphire engagement ring for her because she, just like the ring, is one of a kind.

To find a diamond and sapphire engagement ring, you can check with your local jeweler or you can try online auction sites or a regular jewelry auction. Auctions are great places to find unique jewelry and you can often find great bargains. Another great way to get yourself a diamond and sapphire engagement ring is to have one specially made by a jewelry maker. To make the ring extra unique, you can even have a special engraving made in the band to further convey your undying love.

If you plan to propose, don’t be like everyone else and just go with a standard diamond. Instead, opt for a diamond and sapphire engagement ring and let your bride to be that she’s worthy of something a little extra because she’s just that special to you.

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