Emerald Engagement Rings: Make The Proposal Extra Special

When a woman becomes engaged, the first thing she’ll do is show off her new ring to all of her friends, family and coworkers. She’ll stick her hand out to show off the bright stone set into the band that will decorate her finger until she finally gets married. However, like most women, when they get proposed to, they want a ring that’s special. They want a ring that nobody else has. For this reason, it’s now common to find engagement rings that go beyond the traditional diamond. For example, many people are taking to buying emerald engagement rings as the ring they use to propose to the ones they love. There’s nothing better than her being able to show off her emerald engagement ring, a ring that not that many people have.

Get Your Ring Specially Made

You can find emerald engagement rings sold at some jewelry stores. If they’re not in the case, ask the jeweler if you can have one specially made. It may cost a little extra but if you truly love your bride to be then the money will be well worth it. You can even have a message engraved into the band of the emerald engagement ring. This makes the ring extra special and it conveys your true love to the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

If you don’t want to go to a jeweler, you can try auction sites like Ebay or you can go to a real jewelry auction. You can get great deals on emerald engagement rings that you normally wouldn’t get if you bought it at a jeweler.

For your proposal to be extra memorable, do something special for your bride to be. When you finally get on your knees and pull out that little jewelry box, she’ll likely expect a diamond ring once you open the lid. However, when she sees the shimmer and shine of the emerald engagement ring, she’ll probably gasp at its beauty. Her friends, family and coworkers will fawn over the ring, as well, because it’s one of a kind and it’s very non traditional, which is what makes the emerald engagement ring that much more special.

So, before you get down on one knee, go out and find the perfect ring. Don’t go with a traditional diamond like everyone else. Be different, be special and go out and get an emerald engagement ring. She’ll love it and her friends, family and coworkers will love it but the best part is that it will make the proposal extra memorable, which sets the stage for a great engagement, a great wedding and a great marriage, made to last for the rest of your lives.

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