Engagement Ring Set - A Special Gift For A Special Occasion For A Special Person

Many times just a ring would not do. The girl in question is so special that you feel that you giving her the whole world would still be inadequate. If you experience such feelings, the best would be to choose an engagement ring set instead of just a ring. A set such as this, would mostly consist of a pendant, earrings and very often a matching bracelet as well.

The Cost Factor of a Engagement Ring Set

As you must realize, the cost for such an engagement ring set would be on the higher side. Now, if you have the money it is fine –go ahead and buy the most beautiful engagement ring set for your girlfriend. She will adore you for such a lavish engagement present.

However, if you are not so well off and money is a constraint for getting her what you want, then take some time to consider imitation diamonds. Moissainite, the name that these imitation stones go by, are just wonderful to look at. A total engagement ring set of Moissanite would cost maybe less than a diamond ring, but it will look doubly as beautiful. Of course, you may like to use Cubic Zirconia or the lab diamond which is as beautiful and versatile as the real diamonds.

In order to decide what you should do about it, you could take a few days and go window-shopping. During this time you would have sufficient time to see a good number of designs and engagement ring sets to help you make up your mind on what you want and what should be given. Once your mind is made, you should immediately buy it and get ready to pop the big question!

If you decide to buy original gem sets, they are beautiful and a good way to go. If you like to buy the imitation diamonds, ensure before taking the set home that the stones are set correctly. This is very important or you will have the stones fall in a very short while. Obtain if possible, a warranty on the stone workmanship and setting. The setting of the stones should be finished well, it should not catch on clothes and the stones should be cut to perfection. In this matter the best to date is Cubic Zirconia, and as long as the stones are not too big, most people couldn’t tell the difference between the real and the knock off.

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