Moissanite Engagement Ring Costs Less than Diamonds

If you are looking for an out of this world ring when proposing marriage, a moissanite engagement ring would be perfect, if you could find natural moissanite that is. Unfortunately, Moissonite was discovered in a meteor in 1893 by Henri Moissan and with virtually no supply of this silicon carbide mineral on Earth, scientists worked to create a synthetic version in the lab.

While you may not be able to get your hands on a moissanite engagement ring made with the unearthly material, the manufactured variety is available and is being touted as a less expensive alternative to diamonds, yet better than cubic zirconia. It is less expensive than diamonds; some say it is also more durable, and more brilliant than cubic zirconia.

However, rather than being colorless, it can be slightly green or gray under brilliant daylight. Before deciding to purchase a moissanite engagement ring be sure to examine it under a variety of lighting conditions. Some people also improperly refer to moissanite as being a fake diamond, lending the idea that it is a cheap substitute for a real diamond. However, it is a mineral that bears a strong resemblance to diamonds.

Hardness Closer To Diamonds

Gemstone hardness is measured on a Mohs scale with diamonds measuring a hardness of 10. Cubic zirconia measures around 9 with moissanite measuring 9.25 on the scale. Durability is important, especially in a moissanite engagement ring because it is worn every day and, as such, is subject to a lot of abuse.

Brilliance and clarity may also be a reason to choose a moissanite engagement ring. Most agree that machine manufactured and cut cubic zirconia seems to have a haze and less brilliance, but that hand-cut cubic zirconia is suitable for a diamond substitute but do not have the brilliance of true diamonds or a moissanite engagement ring.

There is one company currently attempting to manufacture “fake” diamonds but so far it has been successful recreating only yellow ones which are still more expensive than moissanite. Other simulated diamonds may be made from paste or other items such as glass and quartz and haven’t gained in popularity due to being a poor substitute.

Going for a moissanite engagement ring, however should not be a decision made without the input of both parties involved. First, discuss all the options available and then visit a jewelry store offering the alternatives and make the decision together. If price is no object, look at a moissanite engagement ring and compare it to a diamond ring - the discussion may be settled.

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