A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Symbolizes Individuality and Tradition

From the day when a diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg to Mary of Burgundy in 1477, diamond rings have become very famous and it seems like their popularity isn’t going anywhere soon. Typically diamond rings are only of one particular color, but nowadays there are so many colors, which make the diamond rings very unique and lovely. One of the most famous types these days would be the pink diamond engagement ring.

This ring according to tradition is a very important symbol of individuality and tradition. It is one of the most famous diamond ring types, yet it is also one of the rarest ones. Compared to the other more typical diamond colors such as yellow, green, red, orange, and brown; this pink diamond is generally more expensive, due to its rare nature.

A pink diamond engagement ring is in fact very fancy, meaning to say that if you wear one, you must be either very wealthy or very lucky. Not just because this type of ring is very expensive, but it is very rare to find.

Where does the Pink Diamond come from?

One of the largest supply of pink diamonds would be Australia, in particular the Argyle mine. This mine is also very famous for many other colored diamonds as well. For this reason, pink diamonds can be found in many shops in Australia.

Quality of the Stone

Just like any type of engagement ring, this pink diamond engagement ring also has its own uniqueness and quality, which makes it even more famous and beautiful. Some of the most important features of this pink diamond, which is usually located right in the middle of the engagement ring or around the ring in smaller forms would be the clarity, the cut, and the color.

When it comes to color, a pink diamond engagement ring is indeed very different from other colorless ones. This is because the pink diamond which is available in very light pink, rose, salmon, and nearly magenta hues and sometime even darker colors, have a very good consistency of color. The cut of the pink diamond on the other hand, is usually unique, meaning to say unusual, such as round, marquise, and princess cut.

Clarity of the pink diamond makes the pink diamond engagement ring even more of a better choice, whereby unlike other common forms of diamonds, pink diamond have uniform color, free from feathers, cracks, dark or light areas, and spots, due to their rare nature.

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