A Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring is Heavier than Gold

Many people confuse a platinum diamond engagement ring with one made of white gold due to the coloring, but that is not the case. They are different in many respects; the most important among them is the properties of the two metals.

First, a white gold ring is made of gold, which is alloyed with other metals such as silver or palladium. It is usually mixed 75 per cent gold and 25 per cent of the other metals, in an 18Kt white gold ring. A platinum diamond engagement ring on the other hand, is made up of about 95 per cent platinum and is heavier than an 18Kt ring.

White gold is also usually coated with rhodium plating to make it appear whiter. White gold with rhodium plating appears to be grey in color. While rhodium is very durable it will wear away and your ring may appear to be tarnished. Most jewelers are able to re-plate white gold with rhodium at a reasonable price.

Not only is a platinum diamond engagement ring heavier than a gold ring, it will also cost more, almost twice as much due to the difference in price of the white metal, as compared to gold. Platinum is very durable and brilliant so as not to need rhodium coating.

Visible Comparisons are Difficult

Looking at a platinum diamond engagement ring and a white gold ring, side-by-side, due to the rhodium coating on the white gold, it would be hard to see the difference. This is what causes the confusion between the two. The difference becomes more evident when the weight of the two is compared.

A person could wear a platinum diamond engagement ring along with a white gold wedding band and it would be extremely difficult to notice the difference. In addition to platinum diamond engagement rings, there are also men’s and women’s platinum wedding bands. By using platinum, you can even design your own engagement ring.

Many people appreciate the bright silver coloring of platinum instead of the gold and want the durability associated with the metal. While gold is considered a soft metal, when mixed with copper and zinc, as regular gold is, or with silver or palladium as white gold is, it is still not as strong and durable as platinum.

Since a ring is worn practically all of the time a platinum diamond engagement ring may last longer than one made of gold. Wearing a platinum diamond engagement ring and a platinum wedding band will provide years of brilliant wear.

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