The Platinum Engagement Ring can be Worn by Both Men and Women

An Expensive Piece of Jewelry that Lasts a Lifetime

Platinum is a precious metal which is more expensive than gold and is produced by mixing with other metals which are a part of the platinum group and include iridium, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and osmium.

Platinum jewelry pieces have different markings on them as compared with gold ornaments and are based upon the amount of pure platinum in the ornament. The markings relating to quality are based upon the parts per thousand like if the platinum engagement ring is marked as 900 it would mean that it contains 900 pure parts of platinum out of a thousand or it can also be said to be 90 per cent pure platinum and 10 per cent of other metals.

As with other engagement rings, when choosing the platinum engagement ring one will be faced with the choice regarding the shape of the diamond as well as the setting style. The major cost of the platinum engagement ring can be attributed to the diamond and so when one opts for platinum one can be sure that it will not only enhance the beauty but will also make it more secure.

When one wants to buy a platinum engagement ring, one can find many merchants who offer attractive as well as custom designed platinum engagement rings. A platinum engagement ring is also an ideal wedding gift for to-be-married couples and is very much in vogue. There are many who compare white gold to platinum and it is a question that can be answered best by saying that white gold and platinum are not the same.

Platinum engagement rings last for much longer durations and are white in color and so do not need to be Rhodium plated like white gold. In addition, the platinum engagement ring is heavier too. The platinum engagement ring can be worn by both men and women. Buying such a ring may involve a greater cost than for other types of jewelry but one can always look around for good deals.

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