Princess Cut Engagement Ring for the Unique Sparkle

If you are seeking to get engaged in a very simple, but beautiful way in the most serene setting, the best ring choice would be the princess cut engagement ring. Compared to the other types of diamond rings, this particular type of engagement ring is very famous, due to many reasons of its uniqueness.

Many women love the princess cut engagement ring because of three main things. They are elegance and beauty, cost and the settings. This ring, which is a very popular choice among urban and well to do women, is in fact more favored than traditional type of diamond rings, such as the typical round solitaire diamond rings and so on.

Elegance and Beauty

The princes cut engagement ring is one of the brightest diamond rings, because of its sparkling nature. This has to be related to the cut of the diamond itself, which makes the diamond three to four times shinier than before it was cut and polished. The princess cut is one of the most unique cut of diamond, because it is generally unusual compared to the typical cuts.

This cut is actually not so old, and in fact it is considered one of the most important innovations in diamond cutting. When one wears a princess cut engagement ring it is usually visible from afar thanks to its unique square shape. Compared to the classic ones, there are more facets on the princess diamond here, due to the brilliant cuts along the ridges, face and surroundings respectively. This makes the princess cut diamond very bright and sparkling.

Cost of the Princess Cut Engagement Ring The princess cut diamond is one of the least expensive diamond shapes to make, though is sounds very complicated and exclusive. The square shape of the diamond actually preserves more of its structure, which takes less time to cut and polish. This would eventually lower the final price of the diamond itself, because there are not many complications in production. Settings

Setting here refers to the placing of the diamond on the accordingly-named princess cut engagement ring. This particular cut diamond can be commonly aligned parallel to the ring’s band or angled to present a ‘diamond’ shape. Besides that, there is also the channel setting, whereby the stones are set into the princess cut engagement ring itself rather than held above it with prongs.

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