Ruby Engagement Ring – The Symbol of Eternal Love

The ruby engagement ring is a totally natural choice for an engagement because it symbolizes emotion, love and passion. In many countries this gemstone is considered a symbol of eternal love. So, what else can be more beautiful and appropriate than a ruby engagement ring to declare your love for your girlfriend and invite her to be your life partner?

A Few Facts about the Ruby

A little fact regarding the ruby is that it does not always exist as a red colored stone. You will find the ruby stone in shades of orange and purplish red as well. The best amongst all of course, is the blood red ruby. There is a strong belief in many countries that the ruby will become darker if its owner (the one who wears it) is going to face any life threatening dangers, and resumes its original color after the danger has passed.

Another wonderful legend says that you should never steal rubies as it will bring you a lot of bad luck. The ruby will be best only in the hands of its rightful owner. There are like this, a number of quaint lovely story legends that make the ruby engagement ring a very attractive proposition as well. There is no way a girl would not like - or rather love - to have a ruby engagement ring.

This ring would have a double depth in its meaning if the ruby stone is the birth stone of the girl as well. In that case it would be better if side by side with the ruby engagement ring, a pendant and a set of earrings will also be gifted during the engagement. In this way, she could wear it as a set also.

Be careful when you buy the ruby because there are a number of other stones in the world which go by the name of ruby stones. The most popular are the garnet which is also known as rubies. Though each of these stones are ridiculously affordable, it will be difficult for you to choose an excellent ruby engagement ring unless you have understood what type of ring your girlfriend wants.

All in all, the ruby makes a very good choice for an engagement. After all, ruby is well known for love and passion and looks as beautiful as the diamonds which seem to be so traditional to many people.

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