A Real Durable Choice - The Sapphire Engagement Ring

Around the 1920s, the sales of diamond began to decline. This was due to many reasons, one of which was their high price. And for this reason, people slowly switched from diamonds to other alternative, which at that time were mostly sapphires. A sapphire engagement ring was considered the best choice at that time, both due to the strength of this stone and its price.

Sapphire is a type of stone which by nature is very hard and durable, making it an ideal choice of stone for constant wear. The value of the sapphire stone is dependant on its size, color and transparency.

Where Does the Sapphire Stone Come from?

One of the most famous and sought after sapphire stones would be the Kashmir Sapphire gemstones, which has set a standard for the most valuable sapphires in the world. Besides that, another choice would be the stones coming from Burma, or Myanmar, and the third choice would be from Ceylon or Sri Lanka. This would be the traditional places of sapphire mining, but these days it is not just limited to these places. There are also other known sapphire mining taking place in Thailand, Australia, United States, and Madagascar.

An Ideal Choice

The sapphire engagement ring is indeed a very good choice when it comes to heavy wear. Sapphire or sapphirus in Latin means blue. Right after the diamond, this stone is always the best choice, and usually nowadays many people buy it together with platinum or white gold rings.

Traditionally, the sapphire engagement ring was worn according to the belief that it protects the marriage from all sorts of evil powers. This was a followed belief from the typical gemstone association with the sacred and divine. Many people in those days wore rings with sapphires, believing that sapphires were used to ward off illness and bring peace, joy and wisdom.

From there, the sapphire engagement ring and the general acceptance of this belief has evolved. Sapphire is associated with eternal loyalty and devotion. It is a very beautiful stone by nature and comes as an alternative to diamonds commonly. A few of the most common colors of the sapphire, which would be located at the center of the sapphire engagement ring, would be blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow and green.

So, opt for a sapphire, and surprise your loved one with something different, yet exquisite – just like her!

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