Purchasing A Three Stone Engagement Ring

Selecting the three stone engagement ring that fits your bride-to-be best is a huge decision to make as it is one that will stick with you for the rest of your lives together! Many different stones, cuts of the stones, precious metals and designs are available, so there are a lot of decisions to be made. The three stone engagement ring is popular for its standout appearance with the three stone setting whether the stones are the same throughout or an arrangement of two to one. Typically a three stone engagement ring will only consist of two stones maximum, but three separate stones could be incorporated if desired. This article discusses the different factors one should consider when searching for the perfect three stone engagement ring for the lucky bride-to-be.

Considering Factors

When selecting a three stone engagement ring, the first thing the buyer will usually consider is the type of precious metal the ring itself will be made of. Recent trends have steered many buyers toward platinum. This is a beautiful choice and, in fact, is one of the most popular precious metals for engagement rings these days. A similar looking precious metal is silver, although it is slightly less valuable than platinum and, according to some experts, silver is less durable than platinum. Other nice choices for the ring portion of a three stone engagement ring are gold and white gold.

Next, the three stone engagement ring shopper should consider the cut of the stones. Some popular choices are round cut stones, oval cut stones, octagon cut stones, princess cut stones and square cut stones. Additionally, the three stone engagement ring buyer should determine the setting of the stones and if more than one type of stone will be featured. Thinking about all of these deciding factors and basing a decision on the lucky recipient will result in the perfect three stone engagement ring for your lovely bride-to-be.

The general rule of thumb when buying an engagement ring is that the buyer should plan on spending around two months’ salary on the purchase. So for someone who makes approximately $60,000 a year that would amount to about a $10,000 budget for the purchase. This two month rule of thumb really is an arbitrary idea and one conceived of by jewelers themselves. It is a good idea to come up with a budget, but it makes more sense for the buyer to really determine what that amount should be.


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