The New Titanium Engagement Ring

Styles change, even in the most traditional areas. While wedding and engagement rings have traditionally been made of gold, silver and platinum, a new metal has arrived. We are witnessing the arrival of the titanium engagement ring and its matching wedding band.


Titanium is a strong, light weight metal known for resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. This makes for a ring with long-lasting beauty in spite of constant wear, therefore perfect for wedding and engagement rings. The reflective quality that makes for a beautiful ring also makes titanium useful for cover boosting paint, paper, toothpaste and plastics. Besides reflecting light, titanium reflects infrared radiation and is an additive in exterior house paint and even beautifies gemstones. In nature, titanium is almost always found bonded to other elements. It is a romantic metal indeed.

Its strength, durability and light weight get it included in alloys used in aircraft, ships, spacecraft and missiles. There’s a romantic symbol in there somewhere. To a lesser degree, titanium is used in tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycles, laptop computers and jewelry such as the titanium engagement ring.


Just as an engagement needs two perfectly matched partners, a titanium engagement ring needs it own match – and this is usually a diamond. The diamond is even more durable than the titanium. It is, in fact, the hardest natural material known. The lasting power of the diamond and the titanium alloy make a good representation of the hope of a lasting relationship. Both the titanium and the diamond are natural elements enhanced in beauty by craftsmanship and art representing the work that goes into a relationship to build upon the natural attraction of two people.

Most of the titanium that is produced, like the majority of diamonds that are mined, is used for industrial purposes in spite of their natural beauty. This can be a metaphor for the hard work that goes into a marriage as well as the need that the community has for such hard-fought relationships.

The diamond and its band in the titanium engagement ring make a beautiful, long-lasting, resilient couple that represents the couple who have promised their lives to one another. Traditionally, the engagement ring is given as a token of a life-long promise and the wealth to care for a wife and build a family. The titanium engagement ring, with matching wedding rings, encompasses this promise completely.

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