How to Make an Engagement Ring Unique

You want to present your girlfriend with a very special and unique engagement ring. There are many ways to achieve this. You need a few ideas, a bit of patience and a lot of money. In the end everything comes to the amount of money you can pay – the more liberal you are with the cash, the better and more unique could be your ring.

How Can You Get a Unique Engagement Ring?

You might not be able to get a unique engagement ring ready made in the market. A ready made ring seldom comes in exclusivity. If it does, then it will be extremely expensive. In order to get value for your money, you should get your own unique engagement ring made especially for her. Of course for this purpose you will need to have a design of your own and a very talented goldsmith who will not fleece you.

Once you have decided to get your unique engagement ring made to order, you need to check out whether your girlfriend likes gold, silver or platinum. Depending upon her choice, you could then proceed to the next step, i.e. identifying a good goldsmith.

The goldsmith or jeweler you choose should be very talented and capable to make the unique engagement ring exactly as per the specifications. Before you embark on this exercise, ensure that you have the size of her left ring finger so the unique engagement ring can be fashioned according to the right size the first time around.

The uniqueness can be in the style of the ring, the combination of stones used or even the way you present it to her. Slipping it in her beverage glass or somewhere she least expects it can sound mushy to you, but may just sweep your girl off her feet!

The Engagement Ceremony

The ring is usually given in private away from prying eyes. This is usually done in private because a proposal symbolizes that the man has made a stake, i.e. he wants this woman to share his life with him. Now, the same feelings may or may not be reciprocated. Hence, if the girl refuses, the private surroundings would be helpful to hide the hurt and disappointment.

In case she accepts, then an elaborate engagement ceremony can be held in a venue of your choosing and budget. Or, like millions of other couples, you can skip an engagement party and instead save for a bigger wedding instead.

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