Vintage Engagement Ring – An Attractive Choice

The engagement is the ceremony where you make public your choice to marry somebody special to you. If you are having a formal engagement ceremony it is customary for the boy to give the girl a ring with the promise to marry her.

The Various Methods of Proposing to a Girl

Engagement is the most difficult phases in one’s life. This is the time a man has to get sufficient courage to ask for her hand in marriage. The task becomes much easier if you have a great looking ring, say, your great-grandmothers and you want to offer that vintage engagement ring to your girlfriend. All women love jewelry and a vintage engagement ring really sounds wonderful.

It is not necessary to get a vintage engagement ring only from the trousseau of one’s grandmother. Since, women are now inclined more towards old, antique and vintage engagement rings, jewelers have quite a variety of these types of rings. All you have to do is choose one according to your budget.

Otherwise, you could get your girlfriend and ask her directly which one she would prefer out of all the rings available. It would be ideal if you could give her the price range you are comfortable with before she makes a decision.

Sharing your financial situation should not be hard, because you intend to spend the rest of your life with this person, and in all circumstances, you want her to say yes to the real you and not an illusion of a billionaire who has no monetary constraints whatsoever.

Other Ways to Get a Lovely Vintage Engagement Ring

Have any of the most beautiful vintage engagement rings replicated and explain to your girlfriend that you simply had to have that ring for her, and hence you had replicated only for her. That ring would be the most precious gift you could have offered her because it shows how much you love her; only then you would take so much trouble for a ring which would suit her perfectly.

Even if a jeweler claims a ring is a vintage, ask for proper documentation and if possible, get the ring assessed by another set of expert eyes. In case you really want to make a great impression and you have the cash, you could buy a vintage diamond engagement ring for her – and leave her speechless with emotion and joy.

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