Vintage Style Engagement Ring – Add A Special Meaning to Your Best Day

The engagement day is a very exceptional day where you declare your eternal love for a very special person - your girlfriend. She is so special that nothing ordinary and regular would do for her. What can you get her that is unique, beautiful and breathtaking like her? A vintage style engagement ring could make a good choice for this occasion. But before you decide anything, let us find out a few facts about the vintage style engagement ring.

The Demand and the Popularity of The Vintage Style Engagement Ring

All of a sudden everyone is speaking of big chunky vintage models of antiquities and people are freaking out greatly on these models. It will be even more valuable if the ring would be manufactured before 1950. As a matter of fact, there are different eras (historical periods) from where these vintage rings are showcased. Most of these rings sold are excellent replicas directly made from the original because the originals in most Countries are national treasurers.

It has been argued that the most popular era vintage style engagement rings belong to is the Victorian Era which was from 1835-1900. In case you stumble upon a genuine original then you will be among the lucky ones to gift your girlfriend not only a vintage style engagement ring, but an actual vintage style ring, period.

The best choice however, is to get your value for your money by buying replicas. You will have to get the rings to a highly talented craftsman who can replicate the vintage rings with total perfection. There are lovely ways in the modern world, whereby the gold can be oxidized to look great and antique at the same time.

Today, the antique look is the in-thing and a gift along this line shows how much you care and that you have empathy to what she likes and dislikes. However, a person who has bought a vintage style engagement ring is worth giving serious consideration.

It will definitely help for the girl to agree to marriage if the engagement ring is presented to her in a most romantic setting with candles, music, dance and a lot of candy and sentimental declarations. Of course, it won’t necessarily make a girl say yes just because of the setting, so as long as love is in the air you should receive a great response!

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