White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring: Say I Love You With White Gold

When it comes to marriage and getting married, you have to consider the proposal as one of the most important parts of the entire process. It’s the engagement, the proposal itself, that sticks out in her mind and it’s the story she’s going to tell all her friends about. With all the pressure on the table, that moment had better be a special one. You can bet that along with that story, she’s also going to hold her hand out and show everyone that beautiful ring you, as her husband to be, put on her finger to convey his everlasting love and commitment. Instead of going with a traditional gold diamond ring, you should try something different, try something unique. For a very special proposal, you should consider giving your wife to be a white gold diamond engagement ring.

Less Common Than Regular Gold Rings

White gold may be more expensive than the traditional gold rings but it’s less common. That means that your bride to be’s ring will be unique and extra special. So that when she shows it off, everyone will gush how she has a ring that not many other people have. This is especially important to the woman as she wants her engagement to be special. She doesn’t want to be like everyone else. This is the first day that she is no longer just one person. From this point on she’s going to be a part of a union, with you, and she wants that day to be extra special. A white gold diamond engagement ring is just the thing to make that day the special day it needs to be.

Along with the white gold diamond engagement ring, you should also choose a special way to propose. Proposing at a restaurant, with the ring in a dessert has been done many, many times and it’s also dangerous. Nothing says special about her choking on the very ring that’s supposed to mark the occasion. Instead, try something unique. Propose at a place that’s special to her. You know her better than anyone else, you should know the perfect way to propose.

Imagine the smile on her face when you get down on your knee and pull out the white gold diamond engagement ring. She’ll undoubtedly say yes, if not just for the chance to slip the ring on her finger. She won’t be able to tell all her friends about it and to show it off. That’s because a white gold diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to say I love you to the one you truly love and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.


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